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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Welcome Archer Robert

Yesterday my second born, Amanda gave birth to her third child, and second son, Archer Robert.  Her daughter Charlie is exactly 18 months older, so they will certainly have their hands full, and with part time care of her older boy Jake as well.  I hope I can get to see him soon.

Life has been both quiet and busy.  School is out for a couple of weeks and the kids are keeping late nights and sleeping the days away but that is teenagers for you.  Emily has a nasty case of conjunctivitus, which she gets from time to time, the useless doctor who we pay a fortune to see, gave her a script for something we could have got over the counter from our excellent chemist.  It seemed to make it worse so today we went and saw our lovely optometrist who gave us some different drops and made an appointment for her to have a full eye exam.  I don't get it, if conjunctivitus is allegedly so contageous why haven't the rest of us ever had it?

I am loving my new fast/slow cooker.  I have made sloppy joe meat in the slow cooker function to test it out and it was excellent.  Also did corned beef which was also very good and so fast.  Tonight we had lamb shanks and were amazed at how tender and fall off the bone they were after just 35 minutes.  I think my slow cooker is getting jealous, it hasn't been used for quite a while. 

I had our monthly Meals on Wheels outing on Monday, and as usual they all just had the nicest day and let us know how much they appreciated it.  That alone makes it all worthwhile for all of us.  Then yesterday I had my first roster with my new permanent mate, Kay, who seems very nice.  We got hopelessly lost but managed to laugh about it and get all the meals delivered while still hot. 

Phill has had a lot of days off which is nice in a way, but he has a very busy work schedule in the next couple of weeks which means I can get in and do some work around the house that I've been putting off, including that pesky pantry which is well overdue for a clean and tidy.  We've been here two years next month which is a long time for us, usually all of that sort of cleaning happens when we move out! 

I'm tired tonight as it's been a hectic few days, and these meds are giving me weird and involved dreams which leave me waking up exhausted.  Soon I will start posting more recipes here as I get a bit more organised.

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  1. Nice to see you posting. I know, I know....like I don't myself.


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